Many promise to make your PC boot faster.

Amongst them are tools like "Registry Optimizers", "Registry Cleaners" and "System Optimizers" that are sold for US $ 20 and more! Despite their "registry has been optimized" and "system is faster" messages, actual measurements have been shown that most if not all of these tools do not improve the boot time at all, and some of them are even harmful in either slowing down the boot process or even causing damage to the once healthy registry.

We offer a solution that works.

How it works and what to do to make your system boot as fast as it did right after installing Windows can be found in our HELP section.

Argus Boot Accelerator does not only shorten your system's boot time and saves you a few minutes every day – for non-commercial purposes (on your private PC) it is also COMPLETELY FREE (Standard edition), or available for ONLY  $ 2.99 / EUR 1.99 (Professional edition).



Argus Boot Accelerator Screenshot